How to make fire flame
The procedure of making fire flame consist of 3steps.

1. First step is how to make spark..
Strike the steel with a hard kind of stone ……
  The spark temperature reach approximately 10 thousands degrees Celsius.
2. Second step is to blow this box..
3. Third step is finally to inflame with Tukegi.
Management of fire is exclusive work of houswife.

Angle brace ゛Kiribi゛ is currently remains as a purification celemoney in the world of Kabuki, Geisha,
Rakugo, scaffolding work.

Gandou Chouchin
 It's a kind of flashlight..
It becomes always perpendicular by three-dimensional movement..
It's a wonderful (splendid) invention more than 300years ago, of course unpatented.

Bura Chouchin
Walking at night was obliged to carry a portable lantern in those days.
Bajou Chouchin
This was used for horseriding, and has two laborers.
Odawara Chouchin
Most tourists were not scared of hooligans or robbers ,
but of ……..

The rapeseed oil was valuable due to a little soot.
The candle were more expensive.
The common people used another oil made from a wild boar or sardine.
These oil emit a lot of soot.
Therefore, the hole of the nose became black in a night..
A glassful of rapeseed oil,
two glassfuls of sake,and three glassfuls of rice are equivalent..

Fire-dish and Oile-pot.
As for Fire-dish ,there is the device in order not to waste precious rapeseed oil
The dripping oil ……

Even if someone enroll in the trade guild and take business rights, he cannot do it.
A considerable technique was necessary.
Oil peddlers could accurately drip the oil through the hole of coin from above 1m .
 Profit does not appear without getting rid of mere loss.

The theme of the candlestick is multipurpose,compact, and easy adjustment.

Lamp plate
The lamp plate ゛Andonzara゛catches even spilling drops at the time of pouring oil.
It is a too good extremity of economy , so-called ゛Mottainai゛.
Pleasant art are always drawn there.

 Goethe also reportedly had discontent with cutting candlewick every 5 minutes.
The French invented.........
As a result, the troublesome wick cutter work that great writer Goethe regretted became needless.

Wick cutter 
Here are an Italian antique and Japanese palace scissors.
 There is the same device in them not to spill wick ashes .

Hachiken andon
This was used to light up a wide room such as a variety hall, bathhouse, and restaurant where people
After lighting, it was lifted high by a pulley.

Andon design
East Japan and West Japan have a great difference in culture.
Tokyo is a town of the samurais.
Kyoto is a town of the nobles.
The eastern culture is masculine, and the western culture is elegant.
As for the form of the rice cake ,namely omoti,
 The west-type is round and the east-type is square.
The lamp with a paper shade ,namely Andon is about the same, too

Reading light
The lens made the light brighter, allowing people to read better.

Smelling-water lamp
Reportedly, the crude oil sprang out on the earth's surface in old Niigata region.
The record that it was presented to Enperor Tenji as burning water about 1,350 years ago has been
The lamp to use this crude oil was peculiar to this district.

Nezumi toudai
This lamp is approximately 430 years old.
It is extremely rare.
Only several points are left in Japan.
There is very little detailed history about this.
It consist of 3 parts………

Mujintou lamp
 The Mujinto lamp is operated by pumping oil from the main supply-tank into the lamp's tank.
This type was not widely used by many people, because of price tag, which was equivalent today to
about 2000US dollars

Enshu andon
Because a semicircle of the shade is thrown open, the handling of the oil is easy.
The type of this Enshu lamp was used almost only in Western Japan.
 It is so utilitarian and elegant that there is no other designs unlike Eastern Japan.

Ariake andon
This type of lamp can stay lit all night long..
This lamp was used in two ways with manual control of brightness.
One way is to use it as a normal room light.
The other way is to use it as a night light.

Gyoku tou lamp
Besides this , only two points are confirmed in japan.
After having poured water………
The inside of the cabinet has a highly reflective surface with gold leaf.

Travel pillow
This is the masterpiece of the trip tool.
It was an item usually owned by rich people.
Mail carriers also used the same hard pillow.
 If one ride a head, anyone can't open anywhere

Travel guide book 1810
Travel guide book was published more than 200 years ago.
This travel log was very informative,
giving advice, such as bringing lighttools, mirror ,sewing kit, and writing tools for tour record .
The literary log was more than just an account.
It was an ideology , detailing with proper etiquitte , manners and thinking.
For example,being considerate of innkeeper's feeling when the meal that is served is unappetizing

Japanese travel
Japanese faith is warm; a trip of the shrines and temples prayer were many.
For that reason , baggage or travel tools were variously devised
(elaborated) more handy and more compact

Flint Lighter
The rough structure is the same as the ignition of the matchlock.
It is thought to be a treasured object of the beau.

Exhibits Commentary

Exhibits Commentary


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